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Is your website slowing down growth?
Introducing... SEO Health Check

This can't be you, right?

You’ve started publishing some content, but it’s not really ranking anywhere.

Many old content posts are pilling dust and not generating traffic.

Website loading speed is not terrible, but could be negatively impacting user experience.

Perhaps the website structure is failing to communicate your UVP properly.

Maybe it’s something else.

Regardless, you might qualify for an SEO health check!

technical SEO health check

Companies we helped:

Our approach

Most SaaS companies don’t need a full-scale technical SEO audit – It’s overkill.

Typically, they only need a check-up on a few key website components that make or break the user experience.

Unfortunately, many SEO agencies will keep this a secret to secure their monthly retainers.

Not us.

We based our SEO health check on the Pareto principle (80/20 rule), focusing on clearing key technical hindrances that actually make a difference instead of trying to cover every inch possible without any regard for ROI.

Our goal? Identify and remove actual technical barriers to growth.

Where do we source data?

The SEO Health Check uses SEO data from 6 sources:

1. XML Sitemap(s)

2. Screaming Frog (full crawl, on-page data, technical data)

3. Ahrefs (link + keyword data)

4. Google Analytics (traffic, engagement, conversions)

5. Google Search Console (clicks, impressions, CTR)

What to expect?

A completed SEO Health Check, ready for analysis – in 2 formats:

1. Google Sheets – Detailed list of problems and instructions to solve them.

2. Google Data Studio – Draw SEO & business insights from simple visuals.

What's the commitment?

Our SEO health check is priced based on the website’s size and scope of work. The audit and implementation are priced separately.

This analysis and implementation are typically the first things we perform in our full-service engagement.

Your website’s health is an important growth factor and should be considered before publishing new content.

Our 6-step engagement process

1. Check if you qualify

On our discovery call, we gather knowledge about your business, goals, and previous marketing activities. Here we'll determine whether we are the right fit to work together.

2. Onboarding

You will be invited to our Slack channel and project management suite so you can keep track of what we are working on every step of the way.

3. Kick-off

We aggregate data from your Google Analytics and Google Search Console with the data from third-party tools to get a complete overview of your website's performance.

4. Insights & action items

After a completed SEO health check, you will know what is causing problems and how to fix them. Every action item is ranked by priority.

5. Implementation

Your developers will get instructions on how to implement changes.
If you don't have developers, we can make the technical adjustments for you.

6. Determining next steps

The SEO health check is only a part of the organic growth puzzle. We'll help you navigate your next steps.

Are we a good match?

We're a good fit if:

We are probably not a good fit if:

Case Study

How Lempod Grew From 50 to Over 400+ Organic Visitors per Day in Less Than 4 Months

Check the simple and powerful process that helped Lempod grow exponentially.

Frequently asked questions

Our SEO Health Check is based on the Pareto principle. We take an efficient approach to analyzing key ranking and UX factors that actually make a difference.

The usual technical SEO audit is very time-consuming for your developers to implement and reap small ROI.

SEO Health Check is cost-effective and ROI-driven.

Our SEO health check takes 15-30 days, depending on the scope of work. Typically, it’s finished in a single monthly retainer. 

Our SEO health check is a one-off project. Meaning, you pay once for an audit and again for an (optional) implementation. 

Once the website is optimized, there’s no need to do it again unless unexpected problems occur.

While no one can guarantee that Google will reward us for our efforts, you will typically see results within the first three months after implementing all changes.

These “results” vary depending on exactly what we’re fixing. 

Let's work together.

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