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We are a small team of
passionate storytellers, wordsmiths, and strategists ambitious enough to take on the storm.


How do you plan to win?

In the sea of look-alike brands, what makes you different?

Typically founders and CMOs say, “well, it’s our product.”

While possibly true, we’ve seen too many companies with great products lose due to poor content delivery and messaging.

We can help with that.

Run a marathon, not sprints

We believe creating high-quality content is a long-term game. 

While your competitors are too busy running ads and cashing in small checks, they’re undermining brand positioning, community building, and organic growth, which scale beautifully with time. 

Become difficult to compete with​

We believe you have a valuable message to communicate. Most of our time is spent crafting the type of content your competitors can’t just copy and paste. 

Let us be your competitive advantage.

"Who are you, again?"

We started DuoQ as a content-first marketing agency, later infusing SEO best practices for strategic benefits.

We primarily work with busy but ambitious tech companies that want to grow on autopilot through organic traffic and better communicate their offering.

Think of us as an extension of your internal SEO & Content marketing team.

Meet the team

Tijana Radivojevic

Head of content

Luka Susanj

Strategy & ops

Let's work together.

Whether you need bullet-proof SEO/content strategies that consistently attract new leads or simply want to scale your content production, we’re here to help.

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