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You want to kickstart content production without wasting time hiring all the right people.

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Managing an asynchronous freelance content team is a hassle, and you lack time to help them get it “just right.”

You know content drives leads, but hiring an entire content marketing team is too expensive right now.

If that *is* you, we can make your content production engine smooth like butter  — without breaking the bank. 💰

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Our philosophy

There’s a lot of terrible content out there. It’s so easy to lose hours upon hours reading clickbait articles or fluff pieces that don’t really say anything. 

We believe that good content should be unique and insightful, but also well-written and sales optimized.

Unlike many agencies that lower costs by hiring inexperienced writers, or worse, use AI to generate dull content, we do the opposite.

We hire the best writers and lower our costs with well-crafted SOPs, faster onboarding, and more efficient remote hiring.

This means you don’t pay us to mock around and fix poor writing all day. Instead, we do more research and uncover new ways to communicate your offer better.

If that speaks to your company values, continue reading.

Here's our process for producing content

0. Did you sharpen your pencil yet?

Just like pencil sharpening, our content needs an adequate strategy.

Before we start writing, we need a few key strategies and audits in place:

  1. An SEO strategy
  2. A defined ideal customer persona
  3. Competitive analysis
  4. A detailed content brief


It clarifies who we are talking to, our UVP, the keywords to rank for, brand voice, unique angle, and much more.

1. Picking the right topic

Depending on your previous activities or the industry, we typically start with BOFU (bottom-of-the-funnel) topics that have high-purchase intent, are directly related to our product/service, and will produce quick results.

If the goal is to rank on Google, our topic will be informed by what your potential customers are actively looking for. 

If the goal isn’t ranking-focused, then we can be more creative and build content pillars based on your ICPs’ biggest problems.

2. Finding a unique angle

When it comes to writing, finding the right angle is critical. Without it, your story may not be as engaging as it could be. 

This is especially true in journalism, where a good angle can mean the difference between a front-page story and one that gets buried on page 12.

Once we’ve pinpointed what makes your story unique, we focus on that angle and craft your tale around it. We highlight the elements of the story that will interest your target audience the most and make them want to continue reading.

3. Building a detailed outline

We always draft an outline before writing an article. Here’s why:

  1. Never skip over SEO data. This includes keywords, valuable questions, search intent, and more.
  2. It helps you build a proper flow. Our content needs to be organized, and that’s hard when our thoughts are all over the place.
  3. It helps writers better understand our goals. The fastest way to transfer our knowledge to a writer is through a detailed content outline.

4. Assigning the right writer & drafting the first piece

An effective writer understands that good content must be well-organized, engaging, and easy to read.

The best writers use short paragraphs, sub-headers, and active voice. They also write like they talk, using casual language that is easy for readers to understand.

They make liberal use of visuals, knowing that readers are more likely to engage with content that is accompanied by images.

Finally, a good writer always strives for a strong conclusion that will leave readers craving for more.

5. UX & SEO Optimization

Optimization is the final stage of the content production cycle.

By ensuring that the article is properly formatted, equipped with strong visuals, and SEO-friendly, we increase our chances of ranking at the top.

We use various tools to ensure all necessary keywords are added to your article and then run it through Grammarly to make it error-free.

Finally, we add a meta title and meta description so your article will stand out among search results.

What's the commitment?

Our content production services start at $4.000 and go up depending on the number of articles per month and additional requested services.

We typically start writing content in month two because month one is reserved for all the audits, preparation, and getting to know your company and services.

Our 3-step engagement process

1. Check if you qualify

On our discovery call, we gather knowledge about your business, goals, and previous marketing activities. Here we'll determine whether we are the right fit to work together.

2. Get onboarded

You will be invited to our Slack channel and project management suite so you can keep track of what we are working on every step of the way.

3. Content production

When strategy, audits, and research are in place, we create outlines and send them to our writers. After optimization and QA, expect to receive content pieces in Slack & our PM suite.

Are we a good match?

We're a good fit if:

We are probably not a good fit if:

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Frequently asked questions

There are three types of metrics we track:

  1. On-page metrics.
  2. SEO ranking metrics.
  3. Conversion metrics


  • bounce rate
  • time on page.

SEO ranking:

  • ranking positions
  • CTR
  • increase in non-branded organic traffic.

Conversion metrics:

  • New sign-ups, or whatever else is our goal.

We recommend at least one article per week. Although the more you can afford, the faster you will rank and gain traction. 

If your competitors are publishing a lot more, perhaps you should as well.

Typically clients handle publishing due to privacy reasons. If that’s of no concern to you, then yes, we can.

Ideally? Both.

If we had to choose one over the other, it would have to be QUALITY.


Dull content, with low word count and no golden nuggets, gets easily ignored with tough competition.

To truly stand out and win, your content has to be unique; it has to say something new or at least in a new way. For that reason, DuoQ operates solely on the “quality over quantity” principle.

This means that we will never prioritize quantity over quality.


We work with various agencies that specialize in different services and need our solutions on a “per project” basis.

If you would like to learn more, schedule a regular discovery call or send us an email at

Currently, we only write in English. 

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