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Are we talking about you here?

You know your SEO strategy is on point, and your content is higher quality than the competition, yet it’s not ranking higher.

You’ve heard link building is important, but you don’t know how to execute it.

Link building has been on your to-do list, but you’re afraid of getting penalized by Google.

Maybe it’s something else.

Regardless, we can help you beat the competition with our link acquisition sprint!

link acquisition sprint

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Our philosophy

In today’s online landscape, link building is an essential part of any successful SEO strategy. However, due to the increasing competition for top keywords, many companies are finding it difficult to secure high-quality backlinks.

Additionally, SEO agencies are often using outdated methods, such as link farms and private blog networks (PBNs), that not only fail to produce results but can also lead to Google penalties.

At DuoQ, we believe that link building is a long-term game that requires research, relevancy, and transparency.

We take a holistic approach to link building, starting with a comprehensive analysis of your website. This allows us to identify which pages need backlinks and what type of competition you’re up against.

From there, we handpick the best backlinks for your particular niche and use case. By taking this approach, we can ensure that the backlinks we generate will improve your search engine rankings and have a positive return on investment (ROI).

Here's how we approach link building

Proven 5 step process

1. Competitive analysis

We start by closely examining what’s already working for your competitors.

We analyze their link profile to identify the most valuable links, and then we note them as potential outreach targets.

This audit will help us uncover low-hanging fruits and better understand what we are up against.

2. We analyze your current link profile and prioritize target pages

Here we check if any harmful links are pointing to your website and negatively impacting your site’s ranking.

We also determine which pages need the most links to win and create a list of target pages prioritized by various factors.

3. Make a list of relevant & authoritative websites to pitch our links

We’re looking for websites with higher domain authority than your website (DR 50+) and in the same industry as you.

It has to be a real website with decent traffic, ideally, with an audience similar to ours.

4. Crafting the pitch and initiating outreach campaign

The beautiful part about working with us is that we handle everything from A-Z. This includes email communication, negotiations & live link tracking.

We carefully choose an adequate offer and messaging for every website we reach out to secure the best results.

We’re constantly improving our open rates & close rates.

5. Get progress reports

Here at DuoQ, we believe that transparency is key to a successful client-agency relationship.

That’s why we always keep our clients updated on our progress with detailed, in-depth campaign reports. These reports include the total number of published links, ranking improvements, and a general summary.

This way, you can see exactly what we’re doing and how it’s helping you generate more traffic with better rankings.

In addition, you’ll have access to our PM software which allows our clients to track our progress and offer feedback.

By collaborating closely with our clients, we can ensure that our campaigns are always moving in the right direction.

Okay! What's the commitment?

Our link acquisition sprint *doesn’t* require a monthly retainer. That’s why we call it a sprint!

We charge $350 per published link.

No constraints. This provides you with complete control over your budget. You can increase spending to get more links or stop whenever you want.

You don’t pay us to communicate with website owners all day. Instead, you only pay for the results.

Our 3-step engagement process

1. Check if you qualify

On our discovery call, we gather knowledge about your business, goals, and previous marketing activities. Here we'll determine whether we are the right fit to work together.

2. Get onboarded

You will be invited to our Slack channel and project management suite so you can keep track of what we are working on every step of the way.

3. Link building

When strategy, audits, and research are in place, we'll start our outreach campaigns and update you with the progress. You'll have access to our progress real-time in our PM suite & Slack.

Are we a good match?

We're a good fit if:

We are probably not a good fit if:

Case Study

How Lempod Grew From 50 to Over 400+ Organic Visitors per Day in Less Than 4 Months

Check the simple and powerful process that helped Lempod grow exponentially.

Frequently asked questions

Backlinks are one of the essential ranking factors for Google. They show Google that your site is popular and relevant. The more backlinks you have, the higher your site will rank on Google. The important thing is to get started and build as many backlinks as you can.

“It depends”.

The competitiveness of your niche, the quality of your backlinks, and other SEO factors all play a role in how many backlinks you’ll need to get to the top of Google’s search results.

If you’re in a highly competitive niche, you may need hundreds of quality backlinks to rank. However, if you’re in a less competitive niche, you may be able to rank with just a few dozen backlinks.


Usually, we prepare a list of ideal websites we want your website to get a link from. From there, we find the contact information of the decision-maker and send them our pitch.

Typically, it’s going to be link exchanges, link placements, or guest blog posting.

  • Guest posts
  • Native advertising
  • Brand mentions
  • Broken link recovery
  • Web 3.0 (content Distribution across Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, Github, Listings, relevant FB groups, etc.)
  • PR

This will depend on several factors: 

  1. How many links does the competition have
  2. Quality of links
  3. Other SEO factors

Typically if the competition is low, we will see results in 30+ days.

If the competition is tough, we’ll need to wait out a few months.

We charge $350 per published link.

No constraints. This provides you with complete control over your budget. You can increase spending to get more links or stop whenever you want.

You don’t pay us to communicate with website owners all day. Instead, you only pay for the results.

Let's work together.

We’ve increased rankings and ultimately generated more revenue for our clients with link-building. Get in touch to learn if we can do the same for your business.